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BOUNCE Collection

BOUNCE Collection

  1. Bounce Natural Roots

    Bounce Natural Roots

    Indique's BOUNCE Natural Roots is the perfect blend!

    Price From: $179.00  and up
  2. Bounce Blow-Out

    Bounce Blow-Out

    Are you looking for hair with the ideal blend of coarseness that emulates the perfect blow out? Blow-Out will blend seamlessly with your pressed or blown out natural hair. Now available in 30"!
    Price From: $179.00  and up
  3. Bounce Relaxed Straight

    Bounce Relaxed Straight

    Love straight hair but desire more texture? Relaxed Straight is a favorite among clients, whether natural or relaxed, who desire a straight look with low luster and thickness.

    Price From: $179.00  and up
  4. Bounce Beach Wave

    Bounce Beach Wave

    BOUNCE Beach Wave has a defined S-pattern that has beautiful luster and great texture.

    Price From: $169.00  and up
  5. Bounce Deep Wave

    Bounce Deep Wave

    Indique Deep Wave texture gives you undeniable, heavily textured waves.

    Price From: $169.00  and up
  6. Bounce Coil Curl

    Bounce Coil Curl

    Indique Coil Curl texture gives you a heavily textured and full look.

    Price From: $179.00  and up
  7. Bounce Organic Curl

    Bounce Organic Curl

    The curliest pattern yet, Organic Curl is the perfect choice to create beautiful, heavily textured styles.

    Price From: $179.00  and up