Indique has been PURE since 2007.

Indique's flagship collection, PURE, is completely natural & untouched. Founded in 2007, Ericka Dotson & Krishan Jhalani both knew that they needed to fill the void in the human hair industry by providing the best hair possible. PURE not only became a collection name, but a LIFESTYLE. We've been PURE since 2007!

"By embracing the process and the personal connection between women and beauty, we opened our doors for clients to experience Indique hair with no barriers. Indique's continuous growth, innovation, and success is the result of our PURE passion and love for what we do."


With so many hair options on the market, it is very difficult to determine if
your hair is 100% Virgin Remy.

We've developed a test (The FLawLESS Virgin Remy Test) to help with this process. Experience The FLawLESS Virgin Remy Test at an Indique Hair boutique near you or try it here: