Braiding Hair

Braiding human hair is left free of any weft to accommodate braiding or other techniques such as ventilating, crochet, twisting, Brazilian knots, micro beading, fusion, and more. Braiding Hair has a low up keep and can be styled and colored like your own hair. Each tube contains approximately 3.5oz of hair.

      About the Collection


      "Bulk" hair is weft-free, loose hair bundles to accommodate braiding and other techniques such as ventilating, crochet, twisting, Brazilian knots, micro beading, fusion, and more.

      • Textures Available: Straight, Textured Straight, Wavy, Curly
      • Length Available: 18", 22", 24"
      • Products Available: Braiding "Bulk" Hair
      • Quality: Steam Permed, Virgin & Colored Human Hair
      • Source: India

      Hair Care

      We do not recommend sleeping with your extensions on as it may lead to hair damage. We suggest using Indique Hair Care Essentials to maintain softness and manageability. Our products are sulfate free, moisturizing, and infused with French Argan Oil. For detailed texture based guide Visit hair care guide.


      Since this list unwefted hair, the number of use is typically 1 install. Reusage depends on the individual.


      There are several techniques to install braiding hair. It is used for block braids, cornrows, tree braids, Brazilian Knots, microlinks, fusion, and more. It is advised that your best braiding hair be installed by a professional and have a consultation with them to know the proper amount of hair you would need for your style.
      Typically, 2-4 hair bundles of braiding hair is enough for a full install. The style, length, and installation process could vary the number of bundles being used. You have to consult a professional in order to find the accurate numbers of braiding hair bundles for yourself.
      Synthetic hair is generally made of plastic fibers that can not handle heat and chemicals. Beauty supply human Hair is usually a blend of human and animal hair fibers. Both typically do not last long and tangle when washed or manipulated. Virgin Hair is softer and can be easily cleaned, although it tends to have more slip which may not be ideal for some braided styles depending on the technique.
      Since these human hair for braiding is loose hair and not weft, it cannot be easy to reuse. It is always recommended to go to an expert to un-braid them and preserve the hair. It is typically to lose a significant amount of hair in this process.
      Braiding hair is a raw bundle of best braiding hair that you can easily use as per your convenience. You can use human braiding hair for crocheting, micro beading, fusion, twisting, ventilating, and even creating your own custom hair extensions.
      It completely depends on your hair growth. If your braids hair is having faster growth then you may need to reinstall them within 8 weeks but if your braids hair have a slower growth then you will need to reinstall them in 12 -16 weeks. It is recommended that you keep braids hair in for up to 8 weeks.