Are You Using The Best Flat Iron For Your Hair Type?


Are You Using The Best Flat Iron For Your Hair Type?

The flat iron can be considered a girl's best friend; it's one of the most popular and versatile styling tools in the world. The technology behind it has significantly advanced in recent years, and now there are options tailored for each type of hair, usage, and style preference. But even so, many women use the wrong flat irons for their hair type. Using the wrong flat iron can lead to unnecessary frustration and also damaged hair. Below are some things to consider when choosing the best kind of flat iron for your hair type.

1. What Size To Use When Styling

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What? Why should I care about the size of the flat iron? Well, the truth is that many women use flat iron just for touch-ups. This is especially the case for women who wear bangs. Typical flat irons can be way too large to reach the base of the hair and give a gentle smooth bend. A small flat iron is perfect for this task, and it will also be beneficial if you travel a lot.

This small size is also suitable for women with short hair because it is ergonomically easy to use, and you will also avoid possible burns. No matter the type of hair, if you have a short haircut, a mini flat iron will quickly become your favorite beauty tool. It will make the styling process much more comfortable, and you will also spend less time getting ready in the morning.

2. Plate Size In Regards To Texture

Even though it may not seem like an important aspect, the size of the heated plate is critical. The larger sizes are suitable for long hair that already has a slightly straightened texture. The best type of flat iron for 4c hair is the one with a smaller plate. The middle size is perfect for thick and coarse hair.

If you have curly and textured hair, you will need a small plate to be able to straighten more intricately. Straight or wavy hair that already has a sleek texture can be straightened with a single pass of larger iron plates getting the job done. The manufacturers often list the size of the plate on the package so you can easily choose one suitable for your texture and type. But besides the size of the plate, there are also other characteristics to discuss.

3. Which Plates Are The Best

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This is the battle of the decade. There are countless articles and opinions on this matter, and many argue that titanium is the best for all hair types. This originates from the fact that most professional stylists use titanium flat irons. But the reality is that the price and characteristics of professional flat irons are very different from the commercial ones.

Long story short, the ideal flat iron for fine hair is ceramic and the best flat iron for curly hair is titanium. Why? Because ceramic gentler on the hair, and often has a lower temperature range. It is the most suitable flat iron for fine hair because it will cause little to no damage, especially when paired with a heat-protective spray. Ceramic is also recommended for chemically treated and color-treated hair.

Titanium was made with thick and coarse hair in mind and is the best type of flat iron for 4c hair. This type of metal allows higher temperatures that efficiently manage to tame those curls. The difference in the texture of hair is not only in the curls, but it is also in the way the hair cuticle forms patterns. That is why fine to coarse hair needs to be treated differently.

4. Voltage

What? Yes, the voltage. Although this section is not necessarily about the hair type, we consider it something you should know. If you are a keen traveler and like going overseas a lot, consider buying a dual-voltage flat iron. This type of styling tool can also be used abroad, and you can be sure that you can have a chic and polished look everywhere you go.

Flat irons come in many sizes, colors, shapes, and styles, and we purchase them based on budget, needs, and hair type. We've shared some of the main aspects to take into consideration and why. A sleek, straightened hairstyle is one of the most iconic looks. Just remember healthy hair is the best hair. Invest in proper hot tools that will get the job done right. Trust us, and you will thank us in the end.


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