Travel Guide For Wanderlust

Travel Guide For Wanderlust

After a year of travel restrictions, 2021 has brought on severe cases of wanderlust to even the most stubborn homebodies. If it has been good for anything, the pandemic has undoubtedly made us appreciate moving about the earth and seeing new sights beyond our own neighborhoods and city blocks. Now that travel limitations are lifting and anxieties begin to ease with vaccinations on the rise, only one question remains: Where will you go?


My particular brand of traveling is thrifty and often. I love to visit new places, but on a limited budget, the only way to do so with any frequency is to spend wisely. See below for some simple tips that work for saving money and ensuring a fabulous trip:


It helps to be flexible with travel dates

Shifting a trip by even just a few days can save you a ton in airfare. Use the graph on Google Flights to easily view when the cheapest fares are around your desired trip. It also helps to use Google to view airfare trends; sometimes waiting a few weeks before booking is financially beneficial.

AirBnB or Vrbo

Great services, but be aware of fees (cleaning, taxes). Those nightly rates that appear to fall within your budget can skyrocket after add-ons.

Use and compare the discount sites

Expedia, Hotwire, Priceline, HotelTonight. These are all likely to get you great deals

Book rental cars early

Rental cars tend to shoot up in price the closer you get to your vaca. This is especially important in the current climate; rental car companies have been selling off their fleets in an effort to sustain their businesses in the midst of the pandemic -- so it’s even more important to book early


Carry on luggage instead of checking

Saves money and time! And could save you a lost baggage hassle. Be sure to research the exact dimensions your carry on must be to qualify - this sometimes differs with airlines

Bring snacks

A few protein bars are handy especially during flights and layovers so you avoid paying exorbitant airport prices for snacks. Also bring an empty water bottle (must be empty to go through security!) to fill at the airport water fountains


Be mindful of not eating out all the time

This is only feasible if you’re staying in accommodations with a kitchen; I love exploring supermarkets in different cultures, and they will save you a fortune over eating out for every meal. Find some local recipes and do the cooking yourself for a few meals! (Example: fresh baguettes in Paris are usually €1 and TO DIE for.)

Have a loose trip plan, but also be open to roaming

Not for saving money necessarily, but a travel philosophy I swear by: It’s all about balance. Make a list of your must-do’s, and be sure to look into booking tickets far in advance where necessary (i.e., hard-to-get museum tickets). After you have a general idea of what you’d like to do and when, let the wind take you a bit. It can be fun and liberating to explore with no agenda.


Bon Voyage!