Skin Protection
Summer months are hard on our external organs and our skin is one of the most noticeable and delicate ones that can suffer if not carefully preserved. Here are some tips to help keep your skin in tip-top shape and allow you to look your best during those steamy hot summer days.


Skin protection is a regime that take a little bit more effort during the summer, yet it also has the ability to wreak havoc on our skin if not handled the correct way. During the summer time our skin will usually have more moisture to the touch, so moisturizers need to be of a lighter consistency to avoid pore blockage and break outs. The tricky part is finding something that still also has enough SPF protection to keep harmful UV rays away. Moisturizers that contain SPF coverage over a 30 is the best bet for keeping your skin protected, while allowing your pores to breath. Applying a light layer of sun block to your face can serve as a benefit the long term effects of your skin.


For those Glam Girls who dare not leave the house without make up on, there is a top-secret beauty industry tip that goes a long way in keeping your makeup on for long wear in the summer. No one enjoys spending hours carefully applying make up to their face to walk outside for 5 minutes and having it literally melt …. The answer and savior for your make up is an unlikely application, but one you will be writing home about and sharing with all of your friends…. Milk of Magnesia. Yes! Milk of Magnesia applied on a piece of cotton (1-2 mins of drying time) and then applied to your face, will serve as the perfect primer and base to assistant with exposure to outdoor elements, while keeping your face as fresh as when you first left the house.


Milk of Magnesia


Finding the balance of keeping your skin healthy and glowing without makeup can be something that you don’t often think about in the cooler months, wearing makeup is more bearable on cooler days but once summer hits, your desire to wear layers of makeup changes. In order help keep your skin glowing and fresh on those more “Natural” days consider an exfoliation scrub to remove the dead skin cells off the surface of your skin to reveal more healthy radiant looking skin. Your skin sheds anywhere from 28 - 45 days a year and depending on your age and skin type it can be more challenging to remove dead skin, so make it a point to renew your face and body by exfoliating regularly.  


So the goal for this summer is to focus on skin protection from the sun, make your makeup last by using Milk of Magnesia and exfoliate to allow your skin’s natural glow to speak for itself.