Street Styles Sunnies
Sunglasses are one of the most essential items to have on your person for the summer, they are a staple item that if forgotten your entire day can ruined… Yes they are that important. Although sunglasses are an item of purpose and protect the two most importance organs on your face, they have evolved to more of a fashion statement with less emphasis on function ability. With the evolution of Sunglasses has also come the evolution of Street Style, defined as “A distinctive style of street fashion. Rooted in West Coast surf and skate culture, it has grown to encompass elements of hip hop fashion, Japanese street fashion, and modern Haute couture fashion”. The achievement of unique and eclectic “Street Style” often times is not complete without the final touch of some fly Sunnies (Sunglasses) to finish the look.


Sunglasses have always made a splash in fashion and looking back in history, some decades used sunglasses as fashion statements more recurrently and elaborately. With the rebirth of “Street Style” and more diverse scope of sunglass trends, the collaboration is inevitable. The Fluff team did our research to find some of the hottest summer styles for “Summer Sunnies” and the some of the reasons why these shapes and styles are trending.


  • They are effortless and sexy, round shades help you channel the bohemian vibe of the 60s & 70’s.
  • Mirrored lens round frames are all the rage for the summer and give your eyes that full coverage that they need.
  • They are Fun and Flirty looking, round frames give the face an approachable free spirited look.
  • Round frame are not suited for everyone’s face though, they tend to work best with square or oval face shapes, so make sure to try on before committing.



  • One of the hottest trends for the season is translucent lenses. With colors like pink, grey or purples, translucent frame will make a statement with a subtle yet confident charm.
  • Translucent frames are a perfect addition to a monochromatic or all white look. It adds that pop of color that your outfit may needs without being too flashy.
  • If you like to coordinate colors to the “T”, a translucent colored lens gives you that option as well.
  • Translucent lenses also come in a variety of shapes and outer pattens and can be a bold accessory that grabs the attention you are looking for.




  • A printed style makes are a conversation piece that works with any day look, they also serve well and are the perfect addition to your solid sundress or ripped denim and plain white t-shirt look.
  • Don’t be afraid to try stripes, polka dots and florals, a host of designers are using these prints and pairing them for day and evening. Envision these patterned frames at your rooftop gathering right at sundown or at your Sunday brunch, they work for both occasions.
  • Patterns and printed sunglasses are the perfect complement to an updo, especially the summer bun. It’s one of the easiest accessories you can add with subtle jewelry.
  • Prints and patterns are for the fierce and fabulous who like to have fun with fashion and want to be seen.

Fluff encourages you to amp up your Street Style with a new pair of Sunnies and the attitude that matches the mood of your selection, be it bold, colorful or decorated, have fun!