Name: Atiba Newsome

Occupation: Fashion Stylist

Years in the Industry: 14 years

When did you first learn that you had an amazing talent?

I 1st learned I had talent when people started paying me good $ to dress them and took my advice about all things involving fashion


What are your fashion projections for Spring/Summer?

My fashion projections for Spring/Summer are "anything goes" i.e. mixing prints, colors and patterns.


We loved your work for the Fluff Spring/Summer shoot! What was your inspiration? 

My inspiration for the shoots were prints and mixing hard and soft. I love prints and I love mixing soft cocktail dresses with hard motorcycle jackets and dresses with flat boots. Just make sure it's the right dress and the right boot.




What advice do you have for young stylists?

I advise all up and coming stylist to do they're research on fashion and find an accomplished stylist to intern for so you can watch and learn.


What have been some of the barriers you've faced when styling a celebrity client? Do they allow you to go all out on their look?

When styling a celeb while shopping or pulling you have to basically get in their head and try to figure out what they'll love without them actually being there. You always want them to love every single look. Some clients don't like to change up their styles either so you have to find a way to make them happy while style presenting your work in a great light. No one wants to be on the worst dresses list.

What is a staple piece that we should all have in our closets?

My staple pieces have always been the leather motorcycle jacket. Leather will never die and it will always be a classic style. Women are even throwing them over they're shoulders for red carpet events now. The moto jacket can be dressed up or down.

Atiba styled Issue 3 for Fluff. See the images below.