Low Impact Workouts That Give Great Results

Low Impact Workouts That Give Great Results

Looking for a workout that will give noticeable results? There are plenty of options out there, and they don’t have to involve putting strain on your joints. Low impact workouts are workouts that put less pressure and stress on your joints - namely, your knees and hips. We should be kind to these precious parts as they are often the first to experience issues with age. Low impact workouts tend to keep one foot on the ground at all times; no jumping, burpees, or running. Sounds great, right?! And just because they are low impact does not mean they give lesser results. Strength training is one of the most effective things you can do to change the shape of your body. Read on for some excellent exercises that are gentle and effective:


Get the best results with Yoga

One of the first things to come to mind when thinking of “low impact” is yoga. Yoga is traditionally gentle and meditative - but there are thousands of different types of yoga classes if you’re looking for serious results. Power yoga is fast paced and focuses on strength and endurance. Some versions, such as Core Power, even incorporate weights into the classes. Looking to torch even more calories? Try hot yoga!


Pilates helps in muscle-toning

Often thought of as yoga’s little sister, pilates is another low impact workout that lends to impressive muscle toning. Pilates was initially created for rehabilitation - used on people returning from war and professional dancers. So at its core, pilates is made to be easy on the joints. Pilates can be performed on a piece of equipment called a “reformer,” or simply on a mat.

Strength Training

Strength training helps shape your body faster

Strength training is arguably the best way to see results fast. For all you cardio addicts out there, remember that lifting weights is super important too- and it can shape your body faster than running a million miles will. To boot, numerous studies show that strength training can slow bone loss and enhance stability.


Swimming gives you an all-over body workout

If you have access to a pool, swimming is great cardio and super gentle on your body. It is an all-over body workout - toning your arms, legs, abs, and back. You’ll be ready to don that open back dress in no time.


Workout while you commute by cycling

Cycling is great in so many ways: good for your health, great for transportation, and wonderful for the environment. If you live close enough to bike to work, you’ll complete your commute and workout in one fell swoop. Spin classes can be pricey but are super motivating - with high energy instructors and pumping music. And the after-workout high is like no other.