Inspiring Nail Art For The Summer

Inspiring Nail Art For The Summer

Spring has officially sprung, my friends, and vaccinations are steadily making their way into our arms. Thus, we are slowly (finally!) easing back into the real world. The eagerness is palpable; and as art and fashion often imitate life, what we are wearing is, too, feeling hopeful. How does that translate? A whole lot of maximalism. After over 12 months of pent up isolation, many are feeling the need to break out of style ruts and peacock.


One of the easiest entreés into a maximalist approach is via our fingertips; nail art is a wonderful way to try new trends and express fluctuating moods with very little commitment. It’s easily put on (usually), and even more easily removed. While we are still donning masks, nail art is taking center stage as our face makeup remains under wraps.


While nail artistry has had its shining moments, this year feels especially vibrant. So get ready to pamper those paws with the following polish trends:


gradient nail art

One of the simplest ways to embrace nail art is through a different color on each nail. This style brings us back to Hard Candy of the 90’s. No intricate details needed; just bursts of color. Go for monotone - different tones of the same shade - or all out rainbow.

70’s patterns

&0's pattern nail art

Step back to the 70’s with psychedelic swirls and checkered patterns. These, especially checkers, have been in the spotlight in fashion as of late-- but they’re even more fun on your claws. Try unexpected brown tones, or bright hues on just the tips.


Floral Nail Art

We know, we know: “Florals for Spring?! Groundbreaking.” But on your nails? Not your standard seasonal trend. We’ve seen everything from dainty daisies to embellished, 3D versions. Don’t want to drop a lot of cash at the salon, but don’t have a steady hand? Try nail stickers!

Smiley Faces

Smiley Nail Art

Nothing says joy like a yellow smiley face. Go all out kitsch and don a few smileys right on your nails. We’ve seen them on every background, from hologram to simple nude. Fight that lingering winter ennui with a happy mani.

Tie Dye

Tie Die Nail Art

Another case of nails imitating fashion: tie dye has been all the rage in sweat suits, tees, socks and bathing suits; why not try it in mani form? For a serious vibe, combine tie dye with the smiley trend. Groovy, baby.