Chrissy Teigen

From scoring the coveted gig of being LL Cool J's sidekick on the hit TV show Lip Sync Battle to co-hosting the Billboard Music Awards with Ludacris, Teigen is establishing herself as that rare celebrity whose stunning looks are equal to her multitude of talents. John Legend's wife is now a Hollywood power player in her own right, thanks to building her fun-loving and intelligent public persona through the power of social media.

One of Teigen's greatest documented passions is food, so it's no surprise she plans to release a cookbook in the near future. The 29-year-old has appeared on various specials for the Cooking Channel and guest judged the MTV2 cooking show, Snack-Off. Her blog, DeLUSHious, features a sprinkle of her personality mixed with recipes for dishes like Cacio e Pepe ("I would bathe in this) and Baked Eggs In Ham Cups ("Let's do this shit"). But while the blog has been a success, she says the cookbook will be a departure from it.



mac and cheese

"The blog was always such a casual thing; I would post random things I made," Teigen tells GrubStreet. "A lot of them weren’t my own recipes. For the book, it’s mostly, like, our household staples, the things I love to make for John, things I love cooking for our friends for Super Bowl Sunday, things for girls' nights, which I have all the time. I maybe have a chef come in and teach us how to make something. It’s really stuff that we truly love to eat — everything in the book is stuff we have once or twice a month, so it’s tried and true."

When asked if her and John work in the kitchen together, Teigen's quick to poke good-natured fun at her husband's skills. "Not really. The recipes that he's great at and that he loves are, you know, his fried chicken and mac and cheese. Something fun about the book is we'll have his take and then we'll have my take. For example, everybody in his family and all of our friends love his mac and cheese, but I think they only love it because John Legend is cooking it, like, Oh my God! This is amazing! But it's a little thick for me — I like a creamy mac. So I'm making my version, too."

An official release date (and title) for the cookbook is yet to be announced.